With physiological aspects that affect great putting, technologically advanced equipment can be helpful in reducing the impact of those facets of the game. Technique and attitude aside, when choosing a putter for your junior golfer, the primary factors to be considered are length, weight, style, and the look and feel of the putter.

As with other junior golf clubs, selecting a putter that is too long for a junior golfer – with the misaligned assumption that he or she will grow into it – will result in the junior golfer having to compromise their stance and the lie of the club will be off. With the toe of the putter off the ground, this makes centre face and consistent contact difficult, while a putter that is too heavy for a junior golfer may result in excessive body movement and wrist action.

These are all detrimental to a consistent, smooth and rhythmic putting action, which is the ideal outcome we envision for a junior golfer. We’ve ensured that our lightweight putter will provide greater control and confidence on fast greens, with adjustable weights that can help dial in just the right set up for a junior.