Introducing the world’s only high-performance graphite shafts that are designed and tested for juniors as they develop and grow. To prove our commitment to unlocking the best performance from junior golfers, this is the world’s first shaft designed for juniors that incorporates the superior technique of filament winding in the manufacturing process. At the core of these shafts is filament-wound graphite composite. The filament winding process, as opposed to the lower-grade process of sheet wrapping, yields a seamless and incredibly uniform bending golf shaft. The lightweight properties of graphite increase clubhead speed and promote greater distance. In addition, the vibration dampening properties of graphite reduce the risk of injury and player fatigue during the round. Our unique and precisely engineered graphite composite design, with its unmatched stability, aims to lower scores and increase player enjoyment. Created as a result of over more than 10 years of research and testing and two years of product development, CPTR 1, CPTR 2 and FINALE shafts mirror the three stages of growth and is precisely designed to match the player’s development and growth, from as young as six years old (estimated average), all the way until their teenage years as they transition into regular high-performance aftermarket products.

Let CPTR 1, CPTR 2 and FINALE bring the best out of your game.


Every detail has been designed around unlocking the best performance. Intuitively engineered, these graphite shafts are lightweight and nimble, while packing powerful performance – catapulting junior golf games to the next level. This range is specifically designed to accompany junior golfers as they grow both physically and in their expertise, allowing you to make calculated choices at every step of the way.

Taking customization to the highest level, each shaft is designed and built from scratch for torque and flex that is most suited for the young elite player. Super lightweight, averaging low 30 grams and made of high-grade, high-performance full graphite material, the CPTR 1 shaft is built for players whose 7-iron shaft length measures between 28 to 34 inches.

And as they grow, the CPTR 2 shafts replicates the versality of CPTR 1 in playability but comes in a slightly heavier and firmer flex averaging at high 30 grams to low 40 grams. This is customized to suit the young golfer whose 7-iron shaft length measures between 31 to 36 inches.

FINALE represents the final act for the teenage player transitioning into a young adult. Together with our internationally acclaimed shaft manufacturing partner who has a strong track record for high-performance products, the FINALE shafts combine low torque and optimum flex for that perfect balance with soft feel and a rigidly strong profile.